What are the most important things a car buyer should know?

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The most important thing you should know when buying a car is who you’re buying it from.

When you buy from a dealership that has a good reputation, you know they will be there to take care of you should you have any issues with the vehicle. A dealership like that has been around a long time, and will typically carry the types of vehicles that don’t have problems.

Another critical thing to know…

when car shopping is what you’re looking for, what your needs are, what your wants are, and how you merge those things together to make it practical. Then consider what your limitations are.

Are you looking for something that’s a luxury-type item, or basic transportation? What kind of affordability options do you have? Look at your financial side of it. What can you afford, what can you not afford? What’s a want? What’s a need? And where do those two things come together?

There are many dealers out there who will front-load their financing options. They want you to come in and qualify for a dollar amount or a payment amount, and then take you out to the lot and show you what you can have or what they think you can afford.

That is a growing trend in the buy-here pay-here industry. We don’t do that. Over the years we have found that people tend to pay for the kind of vehicles they want. So when we take you out on the lot, we already understand that you know what best suits your needs. So we try to show you vehicles that you’re interested in. Then our goal is to match our financing to the vehicle that you want.

If you’re a first-time car buyer or buying for your growing family, our people help you through that process. For example, if you’re a part of a couple who have each had your own individual vehicle for years, and now you’ve just had a set of twins, it’s probably not a good idea to have a two-door sedan. Getting the kids in and out of the back of the car is tough.

So we always take time to visit with you and try to figure out what your driving habits are, how many people are typically in the car, what you’re looking for.

Most people who come in have a general idea of what they want and need. They don’t come in looking for a two-door convertible and we end up getting a four-door pickup truck. We listen to understand what those wants and needs are, then match those up with what we have in inventory

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