Why is buying a vehicle a long process?

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The process of buying a vehicle at some dealerships is longer than at others. Some of that depends upon how much homework you‘ve done ahead of time to shorten it.

The process is typically long when you apply for financing at “traditional” dealerships because they rely solely upon banks, credit unions, and subprime lenders and such to get financing handled.

However Barrett Motors is a buy-here pay-here dealership, so we make all those loan decisions ourselves. We are the lender—we are the “bank.” So when you fill out a credit application and bring us the information we need, we…

send it next door to our own credit department to underwrite the loan—right then. All we do it wait for them to get back to us in a short period of time. We make those loan calls ourselves rather than submitting a package to a loan company or bank somewhere else and wait for a decision.

Our process is faster than a general dealership that sends out financial packages to several banks, and then waits for answers from them all. When you are at Barrett Motors, we make the decision right there; the process is short.

If you’ve already bought a vehicle from us and we’ve already established a relationship, the process is even faster the next time around. We know how you pay; we know everything about you that we need to on the front end. A lot of our loan decisions, especially with previous customers, are made within minutes.

If you are a new customer, the process will go faster if you fill out our online finance application before you come in. Our finance professionals can go over the numbers ahead of your visit so that you both know what works best for your price range and budget and you can go from there.

You can still fill out paperwork at the dealership, turn it in, have someone go over it while you wait, and go out to meander through our large inventory while they determine your price range. But time can be cut dramatically by applying beforehand and getting it out of the way.

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