All Used Cars Are Not Created Equally

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More and more people are buying preowned vehicles, and for lots of good reasons! First of all, you will save thousands of dollars. Yup, thousands. Why? Because new cars depreciate, and quickly. If you buy a new car and drive it off the lot, then drive it back to the dealership, it is no longer considered a new car. Just like that, it has depreciated. In America, the average new car costs $33,500. The average used car costs just over $20,000. That’s a big difference. And according to Consumer Reports, after three years your new car will be worth just 54 percent of what you paid for it. So buying a used car saves you a lot from the get-go.

At Barrett Motors in Sachse, Garland and Rowlett, we thought it might be helpful to share all the reasons that buying a used car makes sense.

You’ll Pay Less

Because a used car costs less, you’ll pay less tax on a used car. Insurance will also cost less, and in most states it is cheaper to register a used vehicle than a new one. Of course, because your vehicle is used, there will be more maintenance costs, but if you have a great mechanic, you’ll be in good shape.

A Used Card Is Reliable

Cars, trucks and SUVs are made better than vehicles in the past. Yes, in the 70s, cars wore out quicker. But these days, automobiles are built to last longer, and go further. In act, the average car driving on American roads today is more than 11 years old! By 2020, the number of 12-year-old vehicles on the road is expected to increase by 15 percent. A lot of people are learning that owning and driving a used car makes a lot of sense!

Vehicle History Reports

When you buy a used car, it’s pretty easy to get a vehicle history report through providers like Carfax and AutoCheck. By using the vehicle’s VIN number, these companies can provide you with information like the number of previous owners, whether it has been in an accident or flood, mileage validation and more. This kind of information can give you peace of mind.

Barrett Motors: Auto Check Certified

When you buy a used car, truck, van or SUV from Barrett Motors in Rowlett, Garland or Sachse, you can buy with confidence. After all, every single vehicle on our lot is Auto Check Certified. They’ve been reconditioned, detailed and inspected before they are ever offered for sale. Plus, they’ve passed a rigorous quality inspection process. If they don’t pass, we send them off to auction, because our customers deserve vehicles they can depend upon. We dare you to compare the quality of our vehicles to any used car inventory in the Metroplex!

Thirty Years of Satisfied Customers

Unlike other used car dealers, we have deep roots in the community. We’ve been keeping customers happy for more than 30 years! Our customers also appreciate the fact that we’re a Buy Here Pay Here dealership, offering great financing right here, as you buy. Check out our website at to find out more, or come see us at one of our three convenient Dallas area dealerships. We want to help you find the right used car to fit your lifestyle and your budget!

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