How can I speed up the finance process and get my car?

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I think it’s fair to say that we don’t judge you based on a credit number. We actually look for reasons to say “yes” to financing a dependable vehicle for you.

At Barrett Motors, we look at…

your entire situation and get to know you as a way to determine the best fit for you—and what we’re able to offer.

For 30 years our motto has been, “We finance your credibility…not your past inability.” We understand that you have had problems, but now need help.

Your credit score doesn’t tell us anything about you, really. Maybe you had to file bankruptcy because you had medical bills that piled up and you weren’t able to handle them all. Yes, that kills a credit score, but that doesn’t tell us what kind of person you are.

We look for good people like you who have had credit problems but now need help. We’ve been very successful at that. You are the type of person we look for. This is what we do.

Speeding the process

Of course, there is paperwork. Maybe you’re in a hurry and want to come by on your lunch break or after work before you get the kids from after school activities. You can speed the process by doing a few things ahead of time.

We have an online credit application that is really handy. You can fill out a short form of the credit app and submit it. Then one of our staff members will get ahold of you and walk you through the process.

We can get a lot of the procedures started over the Internet. If you’re real reluctant or just can’t swing the time to come in, we can fax and email back and forth to get most of the loan approval process handled before you ever make it to the dealership. When this is the process, the time you actually spend at our place is relatively short.

Typically, the longest part about being at a dealership is when you get there to look at the car you are interested in, then look around at other vehicles, then test-drive two to three vehicles. Don’t get me wrong, that’s fine and we welcome that. We want you to be in the car you want. But sometimes the majority of time you end up spending at a dealership is in picking your next vehicle.

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