Yes, You Can Buy a Car even With Bad Credit

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Bad credit is not something most people are proud of.

However, we understand that no one sets out to earn bad credit. Sometimes unexpected things happen that make it difficult to keep your credit clean. Maybe you lost everything in a divorce. Perhaps you unexpectedly lost your job. Maybe you were diagnosed with a major illness, or were injured and are unable to pay your bills.

Life happens. These things and the inability to keep up doesn’t make you a bad person. It also shouldn’t mean that you can’t buy a dependable vehicle on credit. Without dependable transportation, it’s hard to get to work. to get your kids to school, or for you to get to school. Life is simply too difficult without a dependable car, especially because north Texas doesn’t have the best bus system or mass transit options.

Barrett Motors will help

At Barrett Motors, we believe it’s our job to help everyone buy a dependable car. In fact, we’ve been able to provide 99 percent of our customers with the financing they need. Yep. Ninety-nine percent. So whether you’ve declared bankruptcy or had a vehicle repossessed, we can probably finance a vehicle for you.

Our finance team is committed to helping everyone buy a vehicle. They are respectful; they know how to listen and how to solve financial problems. They’ll do everything they can to help you buy a dependable, reliable vehicle. That’s why our motto is, “We Finance Your Credibility… Not Your Past Inability.” Simply put, you need a vehicle, and we will help.

Payments are easy

Because Barrett Motors is a buy-here pay here automotive dealership, you can conveniently make your car payments at one of our locations. You can also pay online. Whether you live in Richardson, Plano, Dallas, Heath, Rowlett or Sachse or somewhere in between, it’s worth the drive to Barrett Motors.

Late model, low mileage vehicles

No one wants to drive an old clunker. The great thing is that you simply won’t find any of those on our lots. We only sell late model, low mileage vehicles because we know our customers need a vehicle they can rely upon. Whether you want an SUV, truck, sedan, crossover or van, you’ll find great ones here at Barrett Motors. Come see for yourself at any one of our three locations: Sachse, Garland and Rowlett.

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