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How can I know that I’m getting a good used car

How can I know that I’m getting a good used car

Barrett Motors dealership sells used vehicles. One concern people have that we run across daily is if the vehicle will last that they’re getting financed for. 

You’ve probably read horror stories on the internet of people driving down the block from the dealership and the engine drops out or the tailpipe falls off—then they’re stuck with a junker, and on their own for the cost of repairs.

If that is one of your concerns, our staff will patiently reassure and help you understand our process so that you know what we do to make sure all our vehicles are in good running condition before they make it into our inventory on one of our lots in Greenville and Rowlett. .

This is probably where we differ from most with any other buy-here pay-here dealerships—not just in our area, but probably nationwide.

Our average car cost is nearly double what most buy-here pay-here dealers are. We don’t buy junk. We don’t buy projects. When we’re out looking for vehicles, I stand during the auction, or my buyer stands in an auction lane, bidding on the same stuff that is offered at new and used car dealerships. We handle the same stuff they do. Our inventory is as nice as or nicer than what you’ll find at any Chevy, Ford, and Dodge franchise used car dealership side. We’re real proud of that.

Even though we pay nearly double what other buy-here pay-here dealerships do, we don’t pass that cost onto you.

The typical scenario for buy here pay here dealers is that they handle the really low-end, junk-type vehicles. We don’t even get into those types of autos. We’re not interested in financing junk for anyone. We handle stuff as nice as any new car franchise would have.

We also won’t sell flooded vehicles that have been made to work. Especially in Texas there are severe weather occurrences, hurricanes, things like that. It’s a big concern for our customers. A lot of those damaged and junked vehicles are out there for sale.

Everything we buy is AutoCheck certified by the trained technicians in our service center. My buyer, who does all our buying, has worked for our company for over two decades. He only purchases from certain wholesale outfits and lease companies. We know what kinds of vehicles we’ve had problems with, and we know which ones have performed well for customers.  The good stuff is what we buy—what works.

What works best for us is what works for you.



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