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Are there certain types of cars with known problems

Are there certain types of cars with known problems

There are certain types of vehicles that are known in the car dealer industry to have problems.

Sometimes it’s not just the overall brand of vehicle; it could be a specific year model of a specific vehicle that has transmission issues that are known. We figure that out over time, selling as many cars as we do.

We know which vehicles cause problems. Because we finance the car ourselves by handling the loan in-house, we don’t want you to have issues. We gotta see you every two weeks and talk to you and take payments from you. I don’t want to sell a car to you that gives you trouble the entire time you have a loan with us.

I tell my sales guys to keep in mind that we make a little money when you buy one car, but we make a whole lot of money if we sell you 10 over time. Our goal is not to sell a vehicle to you one time. It’s to make you a client and have you as a part of our dealership family for life.

None of our cars will see the frontline on any of our lots in Greenville and Rowlett until they’ve been through our service center.

We have a holding lot where all vehicles that we have purchased go first. They sit in line and when it’s their turn, go through the reconditioning process with our trained, professional service techs. They fix anything that they can find that is wrong. A lot of times they fix things that aren’t going wrong yet but will soon.

Because we provide an exceptional warranty on everything we sell, I’d rather fix it now than worry about fixing it later.

So yeah, we spend twice as much on a vehicle than the normal buy-here pay-here dealer; but I also spend twice the amount of money on reconditioning costs than anybody else does. With a free warranty to you because I want you to be a customer for life, I don’t want you to experience any problems with your vehicle. We fix everything we can find that’s wrong. We take care of everything on the front end, so that you won’t have trouble on the back end.

It would be silly of us not to take care of you and your car ahead of time. Someone might say, “Oh, this is just another car dealer saying that they improved the vehicle—make sure you have it checked out.” We are so confident in what we offer; we actually encourage you to do that.

We provide a free warranty, and that’s important to know. Even the local big-name franchise dealerships in town don’t offer that. Go ahead—walk their lots. On every one of their used cars for sale, there is a window sticker that says, “as is, no warranty, but a service contract is available.” What that tells you is they’re going to sell a service contract or an after-market warranty, to fix a car that will likely break down soon.

We don’t do that. We give you a free warranty on everything we sell in our inventory. We really don’t want to have to fix it later. So if there’s an issue that we find, we fix it now.

Other dealerships that offer a service contract often fix whatever is obvious, but if there is a marginal issue, they’ll leave it and let you take the problem up with whoever the service contract provider sends you. The responsibility for getting your car fixed is then not on the dealer who sold it to you.

We don’t put lipstick on a pig.


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