Credit Problems.....Driving Solutions

Does Your Dealer Trust You

Does Your Dealer Trust You

Just because you have credit problems, doesn’t mean that you should have your every move tracked or your car shut off if you are a day late on your payment. Can you imagine being a day late on your payment and your car won’t start when you are headed out to work, or worse… the hospital. It happens often to customers with lenders who finance people with bad credit. Approximately 70% of bad credit auto loans are made to consumers using GPS tracking and/or starter interupt devices (sneaky devices that keep you from being able to start your vehicle) installed on the vehicles they buy.

Good relationships begin with trust and Barrett Motors has NEVER used tracking devices or starter interrupters Can you say the same about your current auto dealer? And this practice is not unique to just smaller dealerships. If you will look at the well known nationwide used auto dealers who cater to customer with credit problems, you will find that they install them on every single vehicle they sell.

Check out some of the disturbing quotes from this article from ABC here in Texas: Which auto dealers are using military technology to watch your every move?

  • A lot of folks don’t even know these things are on their cars
  • They track not only where you are, but they track where you’ve been
  • An estimated 70 percent of vehicles purchased with subprime loans come equipped with GPS trackers, according to a major GPS manufacturer.
  • And some say those doing the repossessing are using an invasive, dehumanizing technology that violates customers' privacy.

Is Barrett Motors Different?

From the moment a customer steps onto the lot we are trying to help them make a good decision. We want them to be able to make their payment without  stress. Contrary to some dealers and articles about buy here pay here dealers, we NEVER want to sell a vehicle to someone that cannot afford it. For one, that is not the right thing to do. Second, that would be a poor decision for us. That would hurt our reputation and therefore, our business. We also lose money when we repossess a vehicle–we have to clean it up, get it prepped for sale again (which is costly), list it for sale or take it to auctionand go through the same process again. 

Why Barrett Motors Does Not Want to Repossess Any Vehicles?

Occasionally we have to repossess a vehicle. We don’t want to do that. We work with customers when they are not able to make their payment, especially when they have some sort of unexpected hardship that puts them in a difficult financial position. There are times when someone has just decided to stop making their payment. We try not to get into that situation but when we do, we try to work it out without repossessing the vehicle. In fact, we are so transparent about the process, when a customer cannot afford the payment any longer, there are times when they simply bring the vehicle back. 

We view our customers as humans with whom we have a relationship. It is not just a transaction. That is why for over 30 years Barrett Motors has had a great reputation in the community. 

Barrett Motors has twice been named as “Best Pre-Owned Dealership” by local Reader’s Choice Awards, why Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine named Barrett Motors one of America’s “Top 50 Independent Dealers” and see why our motto is: “Credit Problems.....Driving Solutions.”

My Dad, Nathan Barrett started this dealership after having experienced and witnessed poor treatment of car buyers with bad credit. He had some credit challenges years ago and wanted to help people in similar situations. He wanted to treat people like he wanted to be treated. We have done that for over 30 years.


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